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Over the past years, eurotec has changed from a Simulator Component Provider to a full Simulator-Hardware Systems-House. As such, eurotec has all the competencies, solutions and facilities available for designing and building Fully-Assembled Simulator Hardware Packages.

These Simulator Hardware Packages can reach from a fully equipped Cockpit for a Level-D Full-Flight-Simulator (FFS) down to simplified open Cockpit-Replicas for Flight-Training-Devices (FTD) or Part-Task-Trainers (PTT) and would end with simplified Tabletop Training Solutions.


The A320 Series Cockpit Assembly by eurotec SYSTEMS is a turnkey solution for System Integrators to build A32x qualified Flight Training Devices according to the certification levels ICAO L4 to L7.

The A32x Series Cockpit is available in two major versions:
• The Specific Version – according to ICAO qualification rules defined as ICAO L7/L5*
• The Representative Version – according to ICAO qualification rules defined as ICAO L6/L4*

Cockpits can be further customized with optional components as described in the following document. An upgrade path is available to advance from the ICAO Representative version to ICAO Specific.

The cockpit assembly from eurotec systems is designed and built to fulfill the utmost standards of fidelity and quality. Best industry practices are used based on the recommendations of the RAS – Royal Aeronautical Society and the IATA – International Air Transport Association, both of whose suggestions are additionally defined and documented by the ARINC – Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee. All items surpass the rules and fulfill the best practices of the Advanced Industry Practice (AIP) and Advanced Competitive Edge (ACE). In addition, eurotec Systems produces according to quality standard ISO 9001:2008. Special attention to detail ensures that operators’ expectations will be fulfilled regarding accurate Look-Feel-and Function of the cockpit assembly.


The APT Trainer Assembly by eurotec provides System Integrators with all of the essential elements needed to build a professional APT training device. High fidelity hardware replicas combine with virtual panels on multi-touch screens to provide a truly effective training experience.

The APT Assembly is designed with dedicated special features that sets it apart from the competition such as comfort elements in terms of seating, lighting, and sound, and design elements for better storage of both IT equipment and the personal belongings of instructor and student. Moreover, the assembly is based on the OSC standard, giving the integrator the ultimate flexibility and functionality of an open and modular architecture.


The A32x Series Flight Management System (FMS) Trainer Assembly by eurotec Systems provides the System Integrator with all of the elements needed to create a valuable and effective FMS training device. The FMS Trainer Assembly is available in the following three versions.

Virtualized Laptop/Tablet
Virtualized hardware delivered to the user’s personal laptop/tablet device allows training anywhere and at any time. Additional hardware replica components are available.
Portable Classroom
Portable equipment that travels easily from classroom to classroom in its own Flight Case. Includes one multi-touch-display screen and one MCDU device. Additional hardware replica components are available.
Fixed Classroom
Study classroom device with all hardware replicas included.


The AATE by eurotec creates an adjustable, ergonomic and cost-efficient training environment which can host a variety of powerful A/C replica displays, control units and panels. Connected to specialized or COTS Flight Simulator Software packages via eurotec’s Open Simulator Concept (OSC), AATE configures quickly into a powerful flight crew training system, but can as well act as an enhanced Maintenance Training Environment.

AATE Features include
• Type-specific avionic replicas of the Display and Keyboard Unit (DKU 01) and Multi-Function Displays (MFD 03)
• Graphically-represented panels and instruments with overlays
• Virtual Panels, including OHP, controlled by touch screen and keyboard/mouse
• Configured for additional control unit or panel hardware replicas such as grips, etc.
• Power supply plugs and interface Connectors for USB, Ethernet RU45, etc.
• Ample desktop space for laptops, tablets, etc.


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