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Over the past years, eurotec has changed from a Simulator Component Provider to a full Simulator-Hardware Systems-House. As such, eurotec has all the competencies, solutions and facilities available for designing and building Fully-Assembled Simulator Hardware Packages.

These Simulator Hardware Packages can reach from an absolutely complete Cockpit for a Level-D Full-Flight-Simulator (FFS) down to simplified open Cockpit-Replicas for Flight-Training-Devices (FTD) or Part-Task-Trainers (PTT) and may end with simple Table-Top Training Solutions.

Acting as the leading Simulator Hardware Systems House, eurotec provides a unique and strong value proposition to the big OEM and Simulator Industry, the Simulator Operators, and the mostly small Component and COTS Products’s suppliers and experts.

Creating a true Win-Win situation is what eurotec stands for:

Acting as a leading OEM Power Partner, eurotec is a professional, compliant and risk sharing partner, allowing an OEM or huge Simulator Manufacturers to concentrate on its role as an overall Systems Integrator, and to benefit from cost, schedule and risk reductions.

Acting as an Enabler and Qualifier for small supplier and expert companies, eurotec qualifies and integrates all the various elements and solutions, ensures integrity and maturity and finally promotes the spectrum of solutions as one element to the OEMs and Simulator Manufacturers. This allows even small companies that potentially would never qualify to bid or participate in a big and complex Simulator project directly, to become part of it.


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