Open Simulation Concept (OSC)


Modularity, Standardization and the maximum usage of Commercially available Technologies (COTS) are undisputed key requirements for the design and layout of any modern Training Devices. Thus, the System Architecture, defining all internal and external interfaces, needs to take this top-level requirement into maximum account.

Today, most legacy Training Devices only provide the desired standardization level on their external interfaces, allowing interconnecting them with other Training Devices via standards like High-Level-Architecture (HLA) or Distributed-Interactive-Simulation (DIS) for distributed and collaborative Training. Internally, most Training Devices still use proprietary interfacing technologies, far away from real standardization.

eurotec has developed a leading answer: the Open Simulation Concept (OSC)

Open Simulation Concept (OSC) interconnects units and devices in Training Devices (i.e. a Flight Simulator Cockpit) by an industrial field bus system, CANopen (all other types of networks can be provided). Using CANopen makes it possible to replace numerous dedicated modules and to network hundreds of functional components.

In addition to CANopen, connection can be made via Ethernet, other standard interfaces, and our customers’ own systems. Most display devices and other components based on PCs are connected in the same way.

Using industry-standard components allow us to combine systems with high reliability. This makes possible to develop training devices that fit your individual training requirements. These range from the part task trainer and flight navigation procedure trainer to the full flight simulator system.

The integration of CANopen makes for a transparent system. At the same time, the availability of electronic replacement components is ensured. Time consuming maintenance is no longer necessary. Our mechanics are highly skilled, system integration is optimized for simulation applications, and critical operating units are produced to standards even higher than the originals. These factors make our systems favorably priced and easier to implement. Moreover, they are designed to accommodate system upgrades and to achieve a long service life.


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