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What Customers like about us

Our company claim perfectly summarizes our spirit and commitment towards achieving standout and lasting success for our customers:

Innovate – Integrate – achieve


A true Innovation Spirit is the cornerstone of our Corporate Values and Identity. We are constantly searching for new alternative concepts and technologies and for creating clever targeted solutions to set new standards and benchmarks in the Simulation Industry. The same pioneering spirit applies to our work environment. That is why we encourage our employees to think-outside the box, to be courageous and to benefit from a honest “Outside-In” mentality and to be open to learn from global trends and developments.

Innovation – that is what we do for you.


Integration is a term of great significance and importance for us. Integration is first of all our company philosophy, the flawless and successful achievement of complex overall solutions out of a multitude of components, parts and technologies. But even more important, integration is the active involvement and risk-sharing participation in our customers, partners and end-users project and mission challenges. It is our commitment to take responsibility, to be accountable, to integrate with our customers teams, to lead the development of complex projects and to build up strong future competence networks and long-term value partnerships.

Integration – that is what we do to empower you.


To achieve the desired results, to get the mission ready and to master even the most complex requirements, that is what we aim and work for. It starts with very basic requirements, like meeting schedule or quality demands, then followed by a fair and honest technical and engineering advice, supportive project development, a true problem-solving spirit, and leading to a deep sense of achievement for all parties involved, obtaining the best possible result, and the full satisfaction of our customers.

Achievement – that is what we accomplish for you.



Our Corporate Values describe our ideals and mission statement, and are the foundation of our Corporate Identity. These values are the essence of our company claim, our purpose and drive, and the guidelines for every individual at eurotec. They emphasize the unique character of our organization, express in a nutshell the shared values to which employees, managers and shareholders are committed, describe our company as we want it to be, and are the reason we stand for and measure ourselves.

Customer Focus

We live for our customers’ mission readiness and aim to make their everyday life easier

Responsibility and Accountability

We build long-term value partnerships not just one-time business transactions


We provide fair and objective technical and commercial assessment by finding appropriate and targeted solutions

Openness and Service

We believe that an open communication, a fair technical and engineering assessment, engaged project management, and a personalized customer service are essential for a successful and long lasting partnership

Innovation Spirit

We have a proactive attitude, always looking for clever solutions, innovation and alternative concepts and technologies


We deliver high-end results through efficiency, reliability, compliance, customized and targeted solutions, attention to detail, high-grade materials, innovative design, first rate Life-cycle Services and Integrated Logistic Support.



Our Corporate Identity is the image our customers, suppliers, business partners, the media, the society and our employees have of our company. It is the reflection of our 6 Company Values to the outside.


We take time to listen and understand our customers’ needs

We consider the project as a whole set of tasks and think in all aspects and dimensions

We have a proactive attitude always looking for innovation and alternatives

We build long-term value partnerships

We support our customers minimizing project risks, being available, delivering results and meeting complex schedules

We have a dedicated and multicultural team


We are professional, reliable and compliant to our business and quality standards

We are experts on aircraft cockpit solutions, system integration and qualification

We set the highest standards of performance providing strong project management, project engineering and design services

We offer Life-Cycle and Integrated Logistic Support


We are trustworthy and fair

We face facts and challenges and value our customers’ time

We are accountable, take responsibility and deliver quality results

We are committed to environmentally sustainable business practices and strive to use resources efficiently, achieve zero waste and use sustainably managed renewable resources


We approach each day with an inclusive mindset and embrace all backgrounds, cultures, perspectives and thinking styles

We value what makes each of our customers, associates, employees and business partners unique

We hire, train and retain great, talented employees

We build teamwork, loyalty and morale

We communicate honestly, clearly and consistently

We strive to be good leaders


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