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eurotec systems GmbH develops and creates hardware solutions for every application in the areas of real systems as well as simulation. Besides complete cockpit solutions and integration of individualised devices for land, sea and aerial vehicles, also augmented reality and virtual reality devices are manufactured in our own production streets.

The integration is done by customly designed and developed interfaces. Especially for the military sector we can deliver devices in NVIS standard.

Client specific modifications of devices are part of our scope of performance as well as our ILS concept supported by the sales department. Production of individual items as well as small series is one of your benefits of working with us.

Furthermore, you will benefit from our wide portfolio of technologically advanced assets and the expertise of our project engineering and customer service departments, supporting you with customized solutions, innovative design, first rate life-cycle services and integrated logistic support.

These are only a few reasons, why eurotec systems GmbH is the ideal partner for mission optimized hardware concepts and system integration in the fields of air, land and sea.


A true Innovation Spirit is the cornerstone of our Corporate Values and Identity. We are constantly searching for new alternative concepts and technologies and for creating clever targeted solutions to set new standards and benchmarks in the Simulation Industry. The same pioneering spirit applies to our work environment. That is why we encourage our employees to think-outside the box, to be courageous and to benefit from a honest “Outside-In” mentality and to be open to learn from global trends and developments.

Innovation – that is what we do for you !


Integration is a term of great significance and importance for us. Integration is first of all our company philosophy, the flawless and successful achievement of complex overall solutions out of a multitude of components, parts and technologies. But even more important, integration is the active involvement and risk-sharing participation in our customers, partners and end-users project and mission challenges. It is our commitment to take responsibility, to be accountable, to integrate with our customers teams, to lead the development of complex projects and to build up strong future competence networks and long-term value partnerships.

Integration – that is what we empower for you !


To achieve the desired results and to master even most complex requirements and demands, that is what we aim and work for.  It starts with very basic requirements like meeting schedule and quality, follows by a honest customer care and a true problem-solving spirit, and leads to a deep sense of achievement for all parties involved. Attaining the best possible result, that is what we do in all our product and project development.

Attainment – that is what we achieve for you !

Our Passion for Training

Adaptive Training Environments


Helping you to succeed

eurotec offers an impressive spectrum of powerful and relevant services, related directly to our companies  core competencies.  This services spectrum ranges from professional Trend Scouting and systematic Innovation Management to superior Concept & Design work, offers Engineering & Construction capabilities for mechanical and electrical components and complete solutions, and utilizes methods of Rapid Prototyping allowing customers to benefit from early inspection and optimization. All our internal Product Development as well as our active contribution to customer-specific Development Projects are supported by our experienced Project Engineering and Project Management teams. An independent Quality Assurance expert overlooks all eurotec internal work and contributes to achieving all quality requirements of each customer project.


Always at your Side

eurotec understands that every project or product development starts with significant upfront thinking and planning. With this in mind and knowing how important this early phase of a future project is, we offer to all our customers and partners to act as a neutral and objective sparring partner. As such, we listen carefully and help customers to structure and prioritize their requirements and objectives. This understanding becomes the basis for an open and constructive dialog about alternative designs and concepts, system architectures and technologies and product to get recommended into the future project or product.

Engineering & Design


In eurotec, we have a talented and experienced team of engineers and technicians that covers all aspects and processes of modern systems engineering and fully masters software and hardware development challenges. Supported by state-of-the-art engineering software tools and a powerful IT-environment, we work according to international industry best-practices and ensure proper documentation and quality assurance in every phase of the work processes.

A close and trustful dialog with our customers and partners acts as a key enabler for constant and honest customer involvement and ensures that every design and solution fully meets customers’ expectations.

eurotec believes in the concept of Rapid Prototyping. As such, we offer to our customers to build mock-ups or prototypes that will allow Hands-On and early inspection, to insure that designs and solutions get optimized early already and fully comply with the desired results.

Project Engineering & Project Management


Project Engineering and Project Management are the two dominating functions within every project or product development in eurotec. Project Engineering concentrates on the technical aspects of each development and production work and ensures that requirements and quality levels are achieved within time, budget and other constrains.

It is closely connected to the overarching eurotec Project Management function, which conducts the planning, monitoring, risk-mitigation and internal / external communication on every work done in eurotec. Project Management directly reports to eurotec's Management Team and takes full responsibility for achieving best project success and customer satisfaction.



System Integration & Qualification is like reaching the paramount of excellence: it’s the moment when our customers solution come alive and proof its value. For us in eurotec, System Integration means the flawless and successful realization of complex overall solutions from a multitude of components, parts and technologies. But even more important, integration is the active involvement and risk-sharing participation in our customers, partners and end-users demands and challenges.

eurotec has a group of very experienced Integration Specialists who plan, manage, measure and test every product and system integration effort according to proper design documents and requirement specifications.

Additionally, eurotec Integration Specialists work closely with the Quality Assurance Manager, prepare the Test- and Acceptance Manuals and support and document all internal and formal test and qualification phases.



eurotec enhances all consulting, engineering, production and integration competencies and services by a powerful and complete Life Cycle Support package. The aim is to insure that all our solutions, regardless how big or complex they are, serve our customers with long-term success, highest reliability and very fair cost for maintenance or repair.

This includes a consequent Obsolescence Management and an early-warning function that helps to find the right strategy and timing for keeping customers solution in shape for many years.

Technical Training is one more aspect of our services' offering. It enables customers technical stuff to handle the eurotec solutions and technologies properly and allows a competent dialog between customers’ and eurotec's technical teams.



eurotec offers a Product Portfolio that ranges from fully-integrated Simulator Hardware packages like Cockpit Assemblies to single products and components like replicated Aircraft Instruments, Panels and Controls, but also elements of the cockpit structure like the main instrument console.Training System Integrators will benefit from eurotecs product portfolio in various ways:

Fully integrated Trainer Assemblies like the A320 Advanced Procedure Trainer are 100 % ready-to-use hardware-solutions delivered with all necessary components, Interfaces and System-Software. The System Integrator has no effort left at all, he just needs to connect the eurotec package to its Flight Simulation software and he is Ready-for-Training. The result and benefit is obvious: less schedule, less risk and finally lest cost having an impact on our customers simulator project!

eurotec will analyze each customer demand in detail and scale and compose the desired and required level of pre-integration. As such, our customers decide about the optimum package they require for their project. eurotec designs the according package, integrates to the agreed-upon level, and performs all pre-testing and qualifications.For all our systems and products, we focus on intelligent modularity and standardization. That’s why we developed the “Open Simulation Concept (OSC)”. Open Simulation Concept is based on the functionality of units in terms of avionic devices and panels. These devices are connected by an industrial field bus system. Using industry-standard components allows us combine systems with high reliability.

For more details on our Product Portfolio, please click here



eurotec is your Partner-of-Choice when it comes to project demands that are unique or far away from the ordinary. In cooperation with our competent partners and suppliers we are able to develop project-specific Cockpit Concepts and Simulator Hardware Solutions for the European and International market.

Our professional services offering, ranging from pre-project Consulting to a focused Innovation, Design and Rapid Prototyping capability and finally involving our competent Project Engineering and Management functions, will provide maximum support to each customer and flawless execution during the entire project duration. In order to reduce costs caused by errors we plan your product thoroughly from the beginning and have controls in place throughout the entire project. Please visit our Project References


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